Helen Butler

London Sky 08

220 GBP / In stock.
Minimal, atmospheric and meditative, oil painting on paper.

London Sky is a series of paintings inspired by the colours of the dawn twilight. One painting a day for fifteen days.

The paintings are made with under layers of zinc white and copper pigments which create a sense of light through the coloured over layers. At first glance and from a distance the paintings appear almost completely flat as if in a photographic print. With a closer look the traces of a maker becomes apparent, irregularities in the line between the edge of the painting and the paper edges, soft textures in the paint, subtle scrapes and indentations from the palette knives used to apply the paint and the texture of the paper through the surface of the chalky pastel coloured pigments.

Original artwork
Oil on 300gsm Arches paper
Unframed, signed on the back